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Volleyball can boast neither a long history nor the age-old traditions. Despite that, it is hard to describe the popularity of volleyball today. This kind of sports is played both indoors and outdoors, in both summer and winter, by both professionals and amateurs. Many countries all over the world have their own professional volleyball leagues, and thousands of fans come to see the most exciting volleyball matches. So, it’s no wonder that volleyball betting is very popular, too!

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How to bet on volleyball online with YesPlay

The game itself is very easy. There are two teams of six, a ball and a net. Each team tries to ground the ball on the opponents’ side in order to earn points. While doing that, the team can touch the ball no more than thrice. Moreover, players are not allowed to touch the ball more than once in a row. As you see, the rules are simple, but that doesn’t make volleyball predictable and uninteresting!

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If you want to predict the volleyball results of any other tournament, you can easily do it by choosing the proper competition in the left menu. Having clicked on the league, choose the match (or matches), on which you want to bet. Then decide on your preferred team (or, maybe, draw result?),  choose the type of bet (total, handicap, or any other), and enter the total stake value. Don’t forget to analyze the volleyball odds before you do that. Voila! Your bet is ready, and now you only have to wait for the match day and root for your favorite team.

As you see, everything is simple as ABC. Start betting on volleyball matches today with!

Bet on the upcoming volleyball matches today with YesPlay

Surely, it is better to see once than to hear for a hundred times. But if you still have doubts about volleyball betting with YesPlay, consider that:

  • YesPlay has a very convenient interface. You can place and check your bets anywhere, using any device.
  • On YesPlay you can place bets of any kind. From total to handicap — they’re all available here.
  • In case of winning, rewards come to your account really fast. Moreover, you have a chance to get some extra bonuses!
  • YesPlay was completely approved by Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, so you can trust us completely.

So, try to predict volleyball results and get generous rewards for that. Bet on volleyball today with YesPlay — you will definitely like this online gambling experience!

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