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No big teams, no on-field positions, and no player substitutions. No passes, no group tactics, and no deep in-team interaction. Just a court, a net, two players, a ball, and a strong willing to win. Tennis is one of the most strained kinds of sport, and that can be the main reason why so many fans and gamblers pay attention to it. If you’re also interested and want to try yourself at betting on tennis games, was created for you!

On YesPlay you can always find the best tennis odds, the lists of prospective fixtures, and all the other resources needed for productive betting. Use all our platform’s advantages, and feel the taste of winning!

How to bet on tennis with YesPlay

There can be either two opponents on the court or two teams of two players. The main players’ task is to throw a ball on the opponent’s side, so he/she can’t beat it off until the ball touches the court for the second time. If you already know the basic rules, you can easily predict tennis results today. So, it’s a high time to place your first bet!

Tennis betting process on is quite simple. On the left menu, there is a list of the most actual tennis tournaments of the day — both singles and doubles. Choose one (or several) of them to see the lists of upcoming tennis games. After that, choose your preferred player/team (or draw result), and the type of bet. From total to handicap — they’re all available on YesPlay. By the way, if you want to see upcoming fixtures of a specific player, you can check out separate players’ pages.

When you decide on the player and the type of bet, enter the total stake value. As you see, your bet can be placed in a few clicks! All you need to do now is to wait for the match day and check your personal account after the game.

On YesPlay, you can place bets on the majority of world-famous tennis tournaments, such as:

Why tennis betting online on YesPlay

There are many prospective tennis matches on the schedule now, so why don’t you try to predict tennis results today and place some bets? is a perfect place to do this for both newbies and experienced gamblers!

The best tennis odds and fast rewards are not the only YesPlay privileges. Our platform stands out from other sports betting sites thanks to its convenience and absolute transparency, verified by Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. So, you don’t need to worry about anything except your bets actually.

We always try to stay informed of everything happening in tennis and other kinds of sports and provide the most valuable information to you. So, stay tuned with YesPlay, and enjoy the smoothest online betting experience ever seen on the web!

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