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It is hard to imagine the American sports event which would be more popular than NHL or NBA. However, such a tournament exists. It is the MLS soccer league — one of main sports competitions of both the USA and Canada. Along with high attendance rates, this league can boast astounding fixtures and unusual format. Sounds interesting? Learn more about the tournament, and bet on MLS matches with!

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Competition format

As for now, the tournament involves 23 MLS teams. 20 of them represent the USA, and the others came from Canada. Each team belongs to one of the two conferences — Eastern or Western. It is notable that clubs from different conferences can meet only in the MLS soccer final.

During the regular season, every participant plays 34 MLS matches. Clubs meet each of their conference members twice, and each of the opposite conference members once. In addition to that, the Major League Soccer schedule includes some extra matches (2 for the Western Conference clubs, and 1 for the Eastern Conference clubs). Teams play this matches with the opposite conference representatives.

When the regular season comes to an end, the highest placed team from the overall table gets the Supporters’ Shield. After that, 6 most successful members of each conference proceed to the playoffs stage, with conference winners and runners-up getting a direct bye to the Semifinals.

The playoff stage consists of the 3 in-conference rounds, and a grandiose MLS soccer final, which involves 1 Western and 1 Eastern club. The final fixture defines, which participant will lift the MLS Cup.

Tournament top-scorers

During the competition’s history, some MLS teams managed to lift the trophies for several times. The most successful teams are:

  • LA Galaxy (4 Shields, 5 Cups);
  • D.C. United (4 Shields, 4 Cups);
  • Houston Dynamo, Sporting Kansas City, San Jose Earthquakes (2 Cups each);
  • Columbus Screw SC (3 Shields, 1 Cup).

It is notable that no Canadian representative has ever won the MLS trophy except for the Toronto FC. This club can boast 1 MLS Cup and 1 Supporters’ Shield.

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