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UEFA Europa League is one of the ‘youngest’ soccer competitions in the world. Its current format was accepted in 2009 — before that, the competition was known as UEFA Cup. Because of a broad variety of participants Europa League fixtures are sometimes even more unpredictable than Champions League matches. But is it bad for gamblers? Of course, no.

Despite the unpredictability of matches results, Europa League betting is quite profitable. So there is no reason for not trying to predict Europa League results and make winning bets. gives you a perfect opportunity to do that!

European League structure

As mentioned above, various teams take part in the competition. Those are:

  • winners of national cups;
  • clubs, which are not eligible for the Champions League, but still have high positions in national leagues tables;
  • losers of Champions League rounds.

To become a champion, the team usually has to go through:

  • 3 qualifying rounds;
  • play-off round;
  • rounds of 32 and 16;
  • quarter- and semi-finals.

However, for Champions League losers, which start competing in Europa League fixtures at play-off stage or later, these qualifying rounds are optional. Anyway, the best two teams have to fight for the tournament main trophy in Europa League final.

Famous winners

There are some teams which showed the best Europa League results more than once. The brightest example is Sevilla from La Liga — a 5-time competition winner. Internazionale and Juventus from Serie A were successful too — these teams won the tournament for 3 times. The same result is assigned to Liverpool from Premier League. So if you want to make winning bets, keep an eye on all matches of the most famous winners. One of them quite possibly can win the Europa League final again!

Europa League betting on

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