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Although the Swiss Raiffeisen Super League is among the youngest domestic leagues in Europe, it is also among the strongest ones. As for now, the competition ranks 12th in the UEFA rating and annually sends almost half of its participants to European tournaments. So, if you haven’t paid much attention to this competition before, we recommend you to fix it right now. Having found out more about the Swiss Prem, you will definitely want to place a bet or two on this league!

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Tournament format

The competition involves only 10 Switzerland Super League teams annually. So, its format slightly differs from the other European leagues’ formats. In a course of a regular season, which usually lasts from July to May, every participant meets each of its competitors 4 times. That results in 36 Switzerland Super League fixtures for each club. In total, the regular season consists of 36 rounds and 180 matches.

Teams’ positions in the Swiss Super League table depend on their total score. In contentious situations, the following tiebreakers are applied:

  • goal difference;
  • total number of goals FOR;
  • the individual goal difference of the tied teams;
  • the number of away goals;
  • coin toss.

At the conclusion of the regular season, 4 Switzerland Super League teams qualify for the European competitions. The winner and the runner-up enter the Champions League, while the next 2 teams qualify for the Europa League. If any of the top-4 clubs wins the Swiss Cup, the 5th team from the table enters the Europa League, too.

The last team from the Swiss Super League table is automatically relegated to the Challenge League. As for the 9th team, it has to protect its place in the top division in a two-legged playoff with the Challenge League runner-up.

The best Swiss Super League results

During the competition’s 120-year history, 20 clubs managed to win at least one Super League title. Among them are the clubs, which can boast of the record-breaking Swiss Super League results. These are:

  • Grasshopper — 26 titles, the most recent in 2003;
  • Basel — 20 titles, the most recent in 2017;
  • Servette — 17 titles, the most recent in 1999;
  • Young Boys and Zurich — 12 titles each, the most recent in 2018 and 2009 respectively.

The previous 3 titles were won by Young Boys (2018) and Basel (2017, 2016).

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