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Being one of the most favored South African football tournaments, Nedbank Cup is also well known outside the country. Why? The answer is simple. The competition involves not only professional clubs but also amateurs, and gives the latter a chance to compete for the trophy alongside with the top-notch South African teams. Because of that, all Nedbank Cup fixtures are very diverse and unpredictable. But true gamblers are not afraid of this fact and boldly place winning bets on Nedbank Cup matches on!

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Tournament history and format

Founded in 1971, the competition aimed to give South African amateur clubs an opportunity to join well-known professionals in a major soccer league. The tournament has changed multiple names and formats during its existence. The current name appeared in 2008 due to sponsorship reasons.

As for now, 32 teams take part in the competition. 16 of them are the strongest participants of Premier Soccer League, 8 are National First Division clubs, and 8 are amateurs. PSL clubs come directly to the round of 32. As for the others, they take part in qualifying matches first.

Teams are randomly drawn for all tournament fixtures, except the Nedbank Cup final. The clubs, drawn first, get a right to play at home. All rounds are single-legged. In case of a draw result, teams play an additional time and a penalty shoot-out (if needed). 

Nedbank Cup winners get a money prize and are qualified for the CAF Confederations Cup.

Famous Nedbank Cup winners

There are teams, which managed to show record-breaking Nedbank Cup results during the competition’s existence. These are:

Above-mentioned clubs deserve a particular gamblers’ attention. Experience has shown that top-scorers are more likely to be successful in Nedbank Cup matches annually.

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