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First Scottish Premier League fixtures took place in 2013 when the former Scottish top division merged with the SFL to form SPFL. Since then, the league is a top level of Scottish soccer pyramid. As a majority of European leagues, Scottish Prem uses the system of promotion and relegation and qualifies its winners for UEFA competitions. But there are some peculiarities, which make the tournament worth your attention!

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Tournament format

12 Scottish Premiership teams compete in the tournament during each season, which usually lasts from August to May. Due to the comparatively small number of participants, the competition’s format is a bit unusual. First, the teams meet each of their competitors for 3 times, playing an unequal number of home and away matches. After that, the Scottish Premier League table is divided into two parts. 6 top-scorers come to the first group, while the others are placed in the second. The clubs’ scores are saved. The participants can’t change their group until the end of the season, regardless of the number of points earned during the group stage.

Within groups, teams meet each of their competitors once. Before the tournament starts, organizers try to predict Scottish Premiership teams’ positions to equal the number of home and away matches. If the club doesn’t get into the predicted group, the number of home and away fixtures stays unequal.

After the competition ends, the team with the lowest score moves down to Scottish Championship. The team, placed 11th in the Scottish Premier League table, fights for the place in the league with the winner of Championship playoff.

The winner of the Premiership competes in the UEFA Champions League, starting from the 2nd qualifying round. Teams, placed 2nd and 3rd, get a chance to compete in the Europa League.

Premiership best teams

Absolutely the best Scottish Premier League results are assigned to Celtic. The club retains the main trophy since 2013, not allowing other Scottish teams to win the competition.  Aberdeen has become the Premiership’s runner-up for 3 times, and once took the 3rd place. Motherwell managed to become the runner-up in 2013/14 season. Inverness CT, Heart of Midlothian, and Rangers took the 3rd place in 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively.

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