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Though Primeira Liga doesn’t have top positions in UEFA and IFFHS ratings, it can’t be called uninteresting. The basic reason for this are ‘Big Three’ clubs (Porto, Sporting CP, and Benfica). These Portuguese soccer giants are highly valued by both experts and fans. However, not only Portugal League strongest members cause its popularity.

Lately, the interest in Primeira Liga fixtures has significantly increased. The competition now is ranked 7th by UEFA and has the 4th position in IFFHS rating. A true soccer addict and gambler can’t miss such a large-scale sporting event!

Portugal League history and format

The tournament is comparatively old — its very beginnings go far to 1934. The league became official in 1938, but only in 1999 its current format and name were accepted. In 2014 organizers decided the current number of participants (18 clubs).

During the season, Primeira Liga teams play 34 matches, meeting each of competitors twice. After that, two weakest participants move down to the Segunda Liga. The winner and the runner-up of the secondary league take their places.

Two top-placed teams from the Portugal Primeira Liga table are qualified for the Champions League. The winner comes directly to the group stage, and for the runner-up competition starts from the playoff. The teams placed 3rd and 4th represent Portugal in UEFA Europa League.

The best Primeira Liga teams

It may surprise you, but an overwhelming majority of Primeira Liga titles were won by three clubs only. These are:

Except for the above-mentioned clubs, only two Primeira Liga teams managed to win the league’s trophy. These are Boavista and Belenenses.

Primeira Liga top-scorers are known as ‘Big Three’. They constantly take the highest positions of Portugal Primeira Liga table. That leaves other Portuguese clubs very little chances to join the Champions League.

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