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Why is the Polish Ekstraklasa league worth your attention? Firstly, this tournament is among the top 20 leagues in the UEFA ranking. Secondly, its format is a little bit different from the other European leagues. Thirdly, this competition involves only the most motivated Polish clubs, which annually fight for the main trophy. So, you definitely shouldn’t miss the exciting Polish league fixtures!

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League format

The competition starts just like any other European domestic league — 16 Ekstraklasa teams play a standard double round-robin tournament. Every club plays half of the matches on their home stadium, and half of the matches away. That results in 30 matches for each participant and 240 games in total.

After such a regular season, the teams are divided into the two groups. Eight clubs with the best Poland Ekstraklasa results come to the ‘Champions’ group. As for the remaining Ekstraklasa teams, they form a ‘Relegation’ group. Every club plays 7 matches, meeting each member of the respective group once. The top 4 clubs of each group play 4 times at home and thrice away. Before the playoffs, the participants’ scores are set to zero.

When the playoff ends, 2 lowest teams from the ‘Relegation’ Ekstraklasa table move down to the 1 Liga. The top 2 clubs from the second division take their places. As for the best team from the ‘Champions’ playoff, it gets the main competition’s trophy and qualifies for the Champions League. The next 3 clubs get places in the Europa League qualification.

The Ekstraklasa season usually lasts from July up to May or June. So, don’t miss a chance to place some bets on your favorite club!

The best Poland Ekstraklasa results

As for now, the following clubs are the Ekstraklasa top-scorers:

We recommend you to pay more attention to these clubs. Perhaps, one of them is going to collect one more trophy this season?

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