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If you’re already tired of betting on the African and European soccer leagues with the identical formats, turn your attention to the Peruvian First (or Primera) Division. This South American top-flight league can boast of an unusual format and many strong participants. Moreover, the tournament’s season lasts almost all year long, so there are always plenty of Peru First Division fixtures to bet on. In short, the competition is a worthy alternative to the majority of the world’s famous soccer events. So, why don’t you use this league to get yourself some profit?

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Competition format

Every edition of the tournament involves 16 Peru First Division teams and consists of the 4 stages. In the first round, all the participants are divided between the two equal groups. Every team meets each of the members of its respective group twice. After that, the champions of both groups meet in the two-legged ‘final’. The champion of this series advances to the competition’s playoffs and gets a chance to enter the next edition of the Copa Libertadores.

The following two stages of the tournament are called Apertura and Clausura. These are the typical round-robin tournaments consisting of 15 rounds each. There is a separate Peru Primera Division table for each of the tournaments, so teams don’t keep their Apertura scores in Clausura. The champions of both mini-tournaments are also eligible for the playoffs and get a chance to obtain the Copa Libertadores berths.

The playoffs are the last stage of the tournament, which aims to define the national champion. Along with the winners of the previous three rounds, the highest non-qualified team from the overall Peru Primera Division table enters the playoffs. These four teams play the two-round knockout competition with double-legged matches in both rounds. The winner of the playoff final becomes the Peruvian champion.

However, the playoffs may have the other format. If any of the Peru First Division teams wins two of the three stages, it gets a bye to the playoff final. In case that any team wins all the three rounds, it becomes the national champion immediately.

The most famous Peru Primera Division winners

The following teams are to the date the most frequent Peru Primera Division winners:

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