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If you’re at least a little interested in Nigeria football, you have definitely heard about Nigeria Premier League. This tournament is the first level of Nigerian football pyramid. Moreover, it is the best soccer league in Africa and 24th in the world’s leagues rating (as of 2012). Such facts make the league interesting for soccer fans, experts and, of course, gamblers. If you also want to feel the atmosphere of Nigeria football and get rewards for that, try to bet with YesPlay!

Nigeria league format

In 2012 the league had a really tough time and was to be rebranded. That’s what the League Management Company was formed for. Firstly LMC decided to change the league’s name — now its full name is Nigerian Professional Football League. However, the standard 20-team format remained the same.

During the season Nigeria league participants manage to play with each competitor twice: once as a home club and once as a visiting club. After each season last four teams from the Nigeria Premier League table are relegated to the Nigeria National League. Four strongest teams from the secondary league take their places.

Though the current format of the league was accepted in 2013, the league itself was formed in 1971. During such a long period Nigeria Premier League results, shown by some clubs, became the tournament’s records.

Enyimba and Rangers International are the legends — sevenfold champions of the tournament. Shooting Stars and Heartland FC won for 5 times. Almost the same result is assigned to Kano Pillars — 4-time winners.

The outcomes of Nigeria Premier League fixtures are often unpredictable, but still, top-scorers are always more likely to play successful matches. So keep an eye on their results, if you want to make more winning bets.

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