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Being the top soccer division in the Netherlands, Eredivisie is also one of the highest-ranked UEFA domestic leagues. Although the competition has a more than 50-year history, the majority of the trophies belong to the three clubs only (Feyenoord, Ajax, and PSV). However, this fact doesn’t make the league predictable and uninteresting. Conversely, there are many prospective Dutch Eredivisie fixtures, on which you can place winning bets!

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League format

As for now, 18 Dutch Eredivisie teams take part in the league annually. The competition consists of two parts — a regular season, and the Eredivisie playoffs.

The regular season of the Eredivisie is a typical double round-robin tournament. All teams meet each of their competitors twice on a home-away basis. That results in 24 matches for each club, and 432 matches overall.

When all these fixtures are played, the time for the Eredivisie playoffs comes. There are relegation and European playoffs, where teams try either to keep their Eredivisie places or to gain places in the Europa League.

Relegation playoffs are the parts of the Nacompetitie — the Eerste Divisie playoffs. Teams on positions 16th and 17th take part in these playoffs, while the 18th participant is relegated automatically. To keep its Eredivisie place, the club has to go through the 2 of the Nacompetitie rounds and to fight 2 Eerste Divisie teams. If any Eredivisie club won’t be able to do this, it will be replaced by a more successful Eerste Divisie team in the following season. 

The league’s winner and runner-up get places in the Champions League for the following season. Dutch Eredivisie teams in positions 3rd and 4th are eligible for the Europa League. As for the teams in positions 5th to 8th, they take part in the 2-round European playoffs where they fight for one more Europa League slot.

Eredivisie top-scorers

As mentioned above, the majority of Eredivisie titles belong to the “Big Three” clubs, which are absolute Eredivisie top-scorers. These teams are:

The other 6 titles belong to Sparta Rotterdam (1959), AZ (1981, 2009), FC Twente (2010), DWS (1964), and DOS (1958, now defunct).

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