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Football experts often call Italy one of the strongest European soccer countries. So it’s no wonder that even non-topflight Italian leagues attract fans and gamblers a lot. This is particularly true of Serie B. Many people annually watch this tournament’s fixtures, and some of them even try to predict Italy. Serie B results! Why don’t you join the latest and start getting rewards for that?

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Serie B format

Just as Serie A, Serie B is a typical double round-robin tournament. Each season consists of two parts — andata and ritorno. During every part, each of 22 Serie B teams plays 21 matches. Those teams, which played at home in andata, play away in ritorno, and vice versa.

In total, each season consists of 924 Serie B fixtures. When match days are over, 3 teams are promoted to Serie A, and 4 clubs move down to Serie C. 

A winner and a runner-up automatically gain places in the Italian top-flight. If the 3rd team’s score is 10 or more points higher than the 4th team’s, it is promoted, too. Otherwise, the place in Serie A is played out in a playoff. 

Three teams from the lowest positions of Italy. Serie B table are automatically shifted to Serie C. If the 18th club’s score is 5 or more points higher than 19th team’s, the 19th club is relegated. If not, 18th and 19th clubs fight for the chance to play in Serie B the following season.

Starting from 2007, Serie B winners get not only the place in Serie A but also a special trophy — Wings of Victory cup. 

Tournament’s top-scorers

The most titled Serie B teams are Genoa and Atalanta — they won the competition for 6 times each. Currently, these two teams are Serie A participants. Palermo managed to take the first position in Italy. Serie B table for 5 times. Bari and Brescia have a bit less number of Serie B titles. However, these two teams managed to become runners-up for record-breaking 6 times.

The greatest number of seasons, spent in Serie B, is assigned to Brescia. The club spent 60 seasons in the tournament and plays in it currently. Verona was a participant of 52 Serie B seasons, and Modena spent 50 seasons in the competition. 

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