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It is difficult to find a European national league as strong, famous and popular as Serie A. Involving the best soccer clubs of Italy, Serie A is considered one of the strongest national leagues in the world. But the tournament’s privileges don’t end up there.

The competition is the second in IFFHS world’s rating and the third in UEFA rating (behind only La Liga and the Premier League). Such high acceptance makes the league interesting for true fans of strong football. If you’re among them too, try to place bets on Serie A and be rewarded for your passion for soccer!

Serie A history and format

Current Serie A format was accepted in far 1929. Since that time Italian top-flight league is a classical double round-robin tournament, based on the system of promotion and relegation with Serie B.

A usual Serie A season is divided into two parts — andata and ritorno. During the first sub-season, 20 participants play 19 matches (once with each of competitors). When it comes to ritorno, teams play the same number of matches, but the roles of home and visiting clubs are swapped.

When the season ends, three teams from the Serie A table with the lowest scores move down to Serie B. Instead of them, three strongest participants of the secondary league come to Serie A for the following season.

Teams from the first two positions of Serie A table come directly to the group stage of Champions League. The team from the third place joins this competition from play-off stage. Teams placed fourth and fifth are qualified for Europa League.

Famous Serie A teams

Serie A is famous not only because of its positions in different ratings but also thanks to its clubs. Among league’s members are such European soccer giants as Juventus, Internazionale, and Milan. It is also worth mentioning that 42 of the 100 world’s greatest footballers (by the FourFourTwo magazine) played in Serie A.

The most titled Serie A teams are:

The first three clubs from the list definitely deserve your attention. The other top-scorers showed good Serie A results in the past, but now they don’t seem to be so successful. Consider this, while placing your bets.

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