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There is an opinion that non-top-flight soccer leagues are boring and not worth attention. But the third French football league easily breaks such prejudices. Though French National is only the third level of a French leagues’ hierarchy, it still has something to attract fans and gamblers. And we strongly recommend you not to write this competition off!

French National is a tournament for those teams which can’t be called professional but are definitely not amateur. The wide soccer fans’ community knows a little about such clubs. That makes France National results even more interesting and unpredictable. If you feel like trying to bet on French National, look no further than!

France National league format

The third French football league is a standard double round-robin competition. During every football season, 18 participants manage to play 34 matches. Teams are rated in the France National table by the number of points and goals scored and the goal difference. The standard football season lasts from August to the following May, with a short Christmas break. Matches are mostly played on Fridays and Saturdays.

After each season three top-scored teams are promoted to the Ligue 2. As for the weakest participants, four last teams from the France National table are relegated to the National 2. Four strongest teams from the fourth French league take their places.

Due to the league’s level and format, since 1993 there have been only two top-scorers — Nimes Olympique and Clermont Foot, who won the tournament twice. It means that every season a new team appears on the pedestal.

As you see, the competition is truly unpredictable. Sometimes even experts fail at making France National predictions!

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