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While betting on football, players pay attention mostly to the top-flight leagues of different countries. However, many second-level divisions also deserve attention, and skipping them would be a really big mistake for a bettor. The French Ligue 2 is a bright example of such a competition. Sometimes the France Ligue 2 fixtures are even more interesting than the matches of the well-known Ligue 1! is among the best betting websites in South Africa. We offer our users a completely legal and profitable way to place bets on the world’s top leagues. And the French Ligue 2 is among them.

Competition format

The tournament is similar to any other European soccer league. Twenty Ligue 2 teams take part in each competition’s season to fight for the promotion to the top-level Ligue 1. Every club plays 38 matches (twice with each opponent; once at home and once away). As a result, the season consists of 380 fixtures in total. It usually lasts from August to May, with a two-week Christmas break.

Teams’ positions in the France Ligue 2 table depend on their total score. Every team adds 3 points to its score for each win, and 1 point for each draw. If two or more teams have equal scores, the difference of goals for and against defines the order of the clubs. However, if the goal differences are also equal, the number of goals scored becomes the tie-breaking criterion. If still a tie, the contentious situation isn’t resolved at all. But if two or more Ligue 2 teams with equal scores fight for promotion or relegation, the outcome of an additional playoff match breaks the tie.

Two highest teams from the France Ligue 2 table get places in the Ligue 1 automatically. Teams on positions 4th and 5th take part in a single-legged promotion quarter-final. The winner of this match plays in the promotion semi-final with the 3rd team from the Ligue 2. At the conclusion of this mini-tournament, the semi-final winner plays with the 18th team from the top division. The winner of this match gets a place in the Ligue 1 for the following season.

Two teams with the worst France Ligue 2 results are relegated to the Championnat National. The team on the 18th position has to win a double-legged playoff against the National bronze medalist to avoid relegation.

The all-time Ligue 2 top scorers

The Ligue 2 has been the second level of the French soccer pyramid since 1933. Since that time, the following teams have managed to become the Ligue 2 top scorers:

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