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It’s no secret that France is not considered the home of football. Every fan knows that football was created in England. Despite that, French teams are some of the strongest not only in Europe but in the whole world. And they prove it annually, taking part in Ligue 1 — the main football competition in France. Ligue 1 fixtures are often so exciting that neither fans nor gamblers can miss them.

At we provide lots of opportunities for Ligue 1 betting. So, if you’re at least a little interested in French football, don’t miss a chance to make winning bets!

Ligue 1 teams and format

20 strongest French teams take part in the tournament. The game season usually lasts from August till May. During that time each team manages to play 38 matches. After each season a team with the greatest score becomes a champion, and three weakest teams move to the Ligue 2. But the total amount of teams doesn’t change — three strongest participants of Ligue 2 take the places of Ligue 1 outsiders.

As for now, the most successful Ligue 1 teams are:

It’s no wonder that above-mentioned teams often take the top positions of Ligue 1 table. Experts’ Ligue 1 predictions often mention these clubs, too. Bear this in mind while making bets, because the most successful teams can win this year’s tournament without much effort!

Betting on Ligue 1 fixtures at

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