English Premier League betting on YesPlay.bet

Beyond any doubt, England is one of the main soccer centers of the world. Thus, it’s no wonder that English top-flight soccer league is popular and watched all over the planet. More than 4 billion people from 212 countries watch Premier League fixtures annually. If you’re interested in this tournament too, try to predict its results and make winning bets! YesPlay.bet gives you a great opportunity to do that.

Tournament format

As in most soccer competitions, in English Premier League the football season starts in August and ends in the following May. Each of 20 participants plays 38 matches due to the double round-robin system. It is noteworthy that not all teams are from England — one partaker is usually Welsh.

After each season three weakest teams from EPL table are relegated to EFL Championship. Their places are taken by the three strongest teams from the Sky Bet Championship. Four best Premier League participants are qualified for the Champions League. The fifth-placer of EPL table gets an opportunity to compete in the Europa League.

Famous Premier League winners

Premier League was established in 1992. Since that time some teams have been showing incredible EPL results. The brightest example is Manchester United — they won the competition for 13 times! Good results were also shown by Chelsea (5-time winner), Arsenal (won for 3 times) and Manchester City (double champion).

The above information may be useful for gamblers. Keep an eye on the former Premier League winners: one of them can definitely become a champion again!

Premier League betting on YesPlay.bet

If you want to try to predict EPL results and place a bet, look no further than YesPlay.bet. The betting process on YesPlay is quite simple. Choose one of the Premier League fixtures, and place the bet of any type on your preferred team. We support following types of bets:

  • standard bets;
  • double chance;
  • 3 way;
  • total;
  • handicap;
  • other.

If you miss the match or forget to check the results, your reward won’t disappear. In case of winning our users get paid automatically, so you don’t need to worry about your costs. You don’t have to be concerned about fairness issues, too. YesPlay was approved by Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, so rest assured that transparency is our motto. Everything you have to do is to make decisions about your bets, and we will take care of all the rest.

Premier League betting with YesPlay is secure, simple, profitable and fun. Try to place a bet and see for yourself!

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