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English soccer is so interesting, that even non-topflight leagues of this country always draw a lot of attention. And England. League Two completely proves this fact. The league is the 3rd level of English Football League hierarchy and the 4th highest in English football pyramid. The competition usually involves 24 clubs, 23 of which are English and 1 is Welsh.

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League 2 format

There is nothing special about League Two format at all. It is a double round-robin tournament, based on the system of promotion and relegation. When 1104 matches (46 for each team) are played, the additional playoff stage starts. Teams placed 4th to 7th compete in the playoff. The playoff winner, along with the 3 strongest teams in the league, is promoted to League One.

Two teams, which showed the worst League Two results during the season, are relegated to the National League. Two strongest participants of this competition (the winner and the playoff winner) take their places.

However, the relegated team can save its place in the League 2. This can happen if one of the promoted National League participants doesn’t have a ground, which corresponds EFL demands. But this rule almost never has been used in practice.

There is one more peculiarity of the League 2. The players’ salary is limited — it cannot exceed the club’s turnover.

Competition top-scorers

Current League 2 format and name were accepted in 2004. Since that time, some teams and players showed excellent League Two results, establishing the competition’s records.

An absolute League Two top-scorer is Tom Pope from Port Wale. He scored 31 goals in League 2 fixtures during the 2012/13 season. As a result, Port Wale were promoted from the 3rd place.

Lee Hughes scored 30 goals for Notts County in 2009/10, and his team won the League 2. Another top-scorer is Aaron McLean, who scored for 29 times for the Peterborough United in 2007/08. The team became the runner-up then.

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