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Among the diversity of English soccer competitions, FA cup deserves particular attention. It is the oldest football tournament in the world — first FA Cup fixtures took place in far 1871. But the distinctive features of FA Cup don’t end there.

It is noteworthy that FA Cup is open not only for top-notch English clubs. Clubs from national, regional and sub-regional leagues can take part in the competition, too. Because of that FA Cup results are often unpredictable, especially in the starting stages. So it’s fair to say that the competition represents English football in all its aspects.

FA Cup winners and format

The competition’s format is a bit unusual. It comprises 12 rounds, first 6 of which (Qualifying Competition) are obligatory only for clubs on levels from 5 to 10. The number of participants on these rounds is not limited — all eligible clubs can freely join the competition. Anyway, only 32 best clubs get an opportunity to join the next stage — Competition Proper. It is also worth mentioning that the order of FA Cup fixtures on each round is determined by a random draw.

In the Competition Proper clubs from Premier League and English Football League consequently join the tournament. The clubs from the two highest levels of football pyramid come the last — on the Third Round. The teams, which got the best results in five rounds of the Competition Proper, compete in the quarter- and semi-finals. After that, the best two teams fight for the trophy in FA Cup final.

It’s obvious that the preparation level of participants highly differs. Because of that, during the whole tournament’s history, a ‘non-league’ team managed to get to quarter-finals only once, not to mention the FA Cup final. So it’s no wonder that the best FA Cup results are assigned to a well-known English professional club — Arsenal (13-times champion).

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