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The CONMEBOL Copa Sudamericana is one of the most prestigious international soccer competitions in South America. Introduced in 2002, the tournament rapidly became significant at the world’s soccer arena. As for now, 54 clubs from 10 CONMEBOL countries annually fight for the competition’s main trophy. Try to predict, who is going to hold the South American Cup this season!

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Tournament format

According to the current format, 54 teams take part in the Copa Sudamericana annually. 44 of them enter the competition directly, representing their CONMEBOL associations. Both Brazil and Argentina can send 6 representatives to the competition, while the other CONMEBOL countries have only 4 Copa Sudamericana berths each. As for the remaining 10 participants, they join the tournament after being knocked out from the Copa Libertadores.

Currently, the Copa Sudamericana schedule consists of the 6 rounds. The 1st round involves only the direct entrants, which play in pairs. First, each club meets its opponent twice (once at home and once away). After that, the winners (22 clubs) move further to the next round, where they join the 10 Copa Libertadores losers. In case of a draw, the numbers of the away goals and then a penalty series break the tie.

The 2nd round has the same format as the previous one (with the same tiebreakers). After the two legs, the 16 players advance to the final stage. This part of a tournament consists of the 4 rounds — the round of 16, quarter- and semi-finals, and a final itself. The final phase is a typical knockout tournament, where the clubs play with accordance to the predefined draw. 

Just like in the first two rounds, all the Copa Sudamericana fixtures in the final phase are double-legged. In the contentious situations, the following tiebreakers help to decide who wins:

  1. The numbers of away goals.
  2. Extra time.
  3. Penalty shootout.

Starting from the 2017 season, the Copa Sudamericana winners are eligible for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores (without qualification). However, if the club comes 3rd in its group, it returns to the Copa Sudamericana.

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The best Copa Sudamericana results

As the tournament is comparatively ‘young’, there are not many top-scorers yet. The Argentinian Independiente and Boca Juniors won the title 2 times each. Another 12 teams managed to win the Copa Sudamericana only once.

Among the most recent Copa Sudamericana winners are:

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