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Copa Libertadores is a prestigious international CONMEBOL soccer competition. Involving the best clubs from CONMEBOL countries and Mexico, the tournament has 38 participants in total for each season. Although the first Copa Libertadores fixtures took place in 1960, the 1948’s South American Championship of Champions was the competition’s prototype. 

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Competition’s format

Each country chooses its Copa Libertadores teams by itself. However, mostly they are winners of the special half-year tournaments or the national top-flight leagues. Argentina and Brazil are represented in the competition by 5 clubs, while the other countries have the quota for 3 teams only. The previous season’s winning country gets an opportunity to send one extra team to Copa Libertadores the following season. Moreover, Copa Sudamericana winner is also invited to join the tournament, but without expanding the quota for its country.

26 teams get to the tournament’s group stage directly. 12 teams first compete in the qualification stage, which is a series of the two-legged knockout ties. After that, six qualification winners join the group stage, too.

At the group round, 32 teams are divided into 8 groups of 4. Within the groups, teams meet each other twice, which results in 6 matches for every participant. The group winners and the runners-up keep competing in the playoff stage.

In the playoff, 16 best Copa Libertadores teams get numbers, which correspond to their stats (number of goals, goal difference, etc.). The team with the 1st number meets the 16th, the 2nd club plays with the 15th, and so on. Such a system is used to the very final, which is usually two-legged.

Copa Libertadores top-scorers

Some countries’ clubs took the highest positions of Copa Libertadores table more often than others, establishing competition’s records.

  • An absolute top-scorer is Argentina with 24 wins in total. The most notable Argentinian club is Independiente, which has 7 Copa Libertadores trophies.
  • Brazilian teams managed to show the best Copa Libertadores results for 18 times. Such Brazil clubs as Sao Paulo, Gremio and Santos won the trophy for 3 times each.
  • 8 Copa Libertadores trophies belong to Uruguay. Uruguayan Penarol can boast excellent Copa Libertadores results, as it won the competition for 5 times.
  • Columbian and Paraguayan teams managed to win the competition for 3 times each. Chile and Ecuador have one champion each. Peruvian and Mexican teams don’t have any trophies yet. 

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