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Contrary to the popular belief, the strongest soccer leagues in the world are located not only in Europe. The African and American tournaments also often take high positions in the world’s league ratings. On this page, you have an opportunity to bet on one of the best South American leagues — the Colombian Primera A (or Categoria Primera A). This competition is considered the 2nd strongest in South America, and the 6th strongest in the world. So, the Colombia Primera A fixtures deserve your high attention.

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Competition format

In terms of the format, the competition is more similar to the South American top-flight leagues than to European ones. Involving the 20 Colombia Primera A teams annually, the league consists of two parts: Apertura and Finalizacion. As a result, in every season there are two finals and two champions.

Both parts of the competition have the same format. First, all 20 teams participate in the round-robin tournament. They play 19 matches against all the contenders, and one extra fixture against their regional rivals. After that, 8 highest clubs from the Colombia Primera A table advance to the knockout phase.

All the fixtures in the knockout phase are double-legged. The 8 teams play in pairs in the quarter-finals, and then the 4 winners proceed to the semi-finals. The winners of the semis advance to the final and fight for the Apertura or Finalizacion title.

In the knockout phase, if some teams’ Categoria Primera A results are equal, the extra time and then a penalty series define the winner. The winners of both parts of the season qualify for the next edition of the Copa Libertadores. The same goes for the highest non-qualified team from the common Colombia Primera A table. Moreover, the 4 next non-qualified clubs from the total table are eligible for the Copa Sudamericana.

Every season, 2 Colombia Primera A teams are relegated to the Primera B. These are the clubs with the worst aggregate results over the past 3 seasons.

The most frequent Categoria Primera A winners

The following clubs are among the most frequent Categoria Primera A winners:

The most recent champions are Deportes Tolima (2018, Apertura), Millonarios (2017, Finalizacion), and Atletico Nacional (2017, Apertura).

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