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Do you miss the hot and exciting Chilean football when the Primera clubs don’t play? If so, we recommend you to pay more attention to the Chile Primera B fixtures. Don’t underestimate this league because of its level on the Chilean soccer pyramid. The Primera B involves experienced and motivated clubs, which are just one step before the Primera. So, the competition in the Primera B is sometimes even harder than in the top division!

On this page, you can place a soccer bet online on the Chilean Primera B. Pick the match, check the odds, and start playing! But before you make your first step to winning, we propose you to learn more about the competition you’re going to bet on.

Tournament format

A total of 16 Primera B Chile teams take part in the competition. The season starts in February and lasts up to December. During this time, every club plays 30 matches, meeting each of the competitors twice. The following rules of classification are applied in the Chile Primera B table:

  • total points (+3 for a win and +1 for a draw);
  • total goal difference;
  • amount of winning matches;
  • number of goals scored;
  • number of goals conceded;
  • numbers of red and yellow cards;
  • coin toss;
  • extra playoff game.

After the completion of the 30 rounds of the regular season, the team with the best Chile Primera B results gets a promotion to the Primera. However, there is also a second promotion berth. Teams on positions 2nd to 6th play it out in an additional knockout tournament.

The runner-up of the regular season gets a bye for the playoff final. The remaining Primera B Chile teams play in the quarter-finals in the following way:

  • 3rd with the 6th;
  • 4th with the 5th.

The winners of these matches advance to the semi-finals, where they play with each other. At the end of it all, the semi-final winner plays with the regular season’s runner-up in the playoff final. The winner of this match gets an additional Primera berth.

As for the club with the worst Chile Primera B results, it is relegated to Segunda Division. The most successful team from the 3rd tier, along with the two underdogs from the Primera come to Primera B for the following season.

Former Chile Primera B winners

The following teams have become the Chile Primera B winners the most frequently:

  • San Luis — 4 titles;
  • Deportes Temuco, Deportes La Serena, Provincial Osorno, Union San Felipe, Santiago Morning, Deportes Iquique, Rangers, Union La Calera — 3 titles each.

Place a soccer bet online on the Chilean Primera B

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