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If you want to see the Brazilian football in all its diversity, watch the Brasileiro Serie C! It is the third tier of the Brazilian soccer pyramid with an unusual format and many unpredictable fixtures. Annually, 20 professional clubs meet in this competition to fight for the cherished 4 places in the Serie B. So, it’s no wonder that each tournament’s edition is incredibly interesting and strained.

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Serie C format

Unlike Serie A and Serie B, Serie C is not a typical double round-robin tournament. The Brazilian third tier clubs are usually not very rich, and they can’t afford the frequent traveling. So, the 20 Brazil Serie C teams are split into the two equal groups, with accordance to their constant location.

The Serie C season usually starts in the mid-spring and lasts until September or October. First, a double round-robin competition is played within each group. Every group has its own Brazil Serie C table. Traditionally, teams get 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. However, if some clubs’ scores are equal, the following classification rules are used:

  • numbers of wins;
  • goal differences;
  • the results of the individual meetings;
  • numbers of the red cards;
  • numbers of the yellow cards;
  • amounts of draws.

After a regular season, 4 teams from each group with the best Brazil Serie C results advance to the playoffs. The playoff competition consists of the three rounds: the quarter- and semi-finals, and the decisive final. In quarter-finals, Brazil Serie C teams are paired in the following way:

  • the 1st club from each group with the 4th club from the opposite group;
  • the 2nd club from each group with the 3rd club from the opposite group.

The 4 quarter-finals’ winners advance to the semi-finals. They get places in the Serie B, regardless of whether they win or lose. However, they keep playing in the tournament to define, which teams will advance to the final and collect a title.

As for the two weakest teams from each group, they move down to the Serie D. The 4 weakest Serie B teams and the 4 strongest Serie D clubs enter the competition instead of the promoted and relegated teams.

The best Brazil Serie C results

To the date, only two teams have managed to take the top position of the Brazil Serie C table more than once. These are Atletico Goianiense and Vila Nova with 2 titles each. Among the most recent winners are CSA (2017), Boa (2016), and Vila Nova (2015).

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