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Brazil has always been considered one of the strongest football countries in the world. The same goes for the Brazilian top-tier — the league is among the strongest domestic competitions on the entire planet. Firstly, the Brazil Serie A league members won the biggest number of the club world championships (6 teams, 10 titles). Secondly, Serie A clubs can boast of the second biggest number of the Copa Libertadores trophies (10 teams, 17 titles). Don’t these records prove the Brazilian Serie A (or simply Brasileirao) superiority?

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Brazil Serie A format

As for now, there are 20 Brazilian Serie A teams involved in each season. The tournament has a typical double round-robin format. During the regular season, participants get 3, 1 or 0 points for a win, draw and loss respectively. If some clubs’ scores in the Brasileirao table are equal, the following criteria break the tie:

  • numbers of victories;
  • goal differences;
  • numbers of goals scored;
  • the results of the head-to-head meetings.

If still a draw, the higher team is chosen due to a fair play criterion (the lowest number of the yellow and red cards).

When all the matches are played, the top team in the table become the Brazilian Serie A champions. Along with the next 5 teams from the standings, they enter the following Copa Libertadores edition. However, if the Copa do BrasilCopa Sudamericana, or Copa Libertadores holders finish among the top six, the next teams (from 7th to 9th) take the vacant Copa Libertadores places.

Teams on positions 7th to 12th get places in the following Copa Sudamericana season. However, if more than 6 teams enter the Copa Libertadores, clubs on positions 13th to 15th automatically become eligible for the Copa Sudamericana.

As for the 4 lowest teams in the Brasileirao table, they move down to the Serie B. The top 4 Serie B clubs come to the top division instead of the relegated participants.

Previous Brazilian Serie A champions

During the tournament’s history, only 12 Brazilian Serie A teams managed to win two or more trophies. However, some of them have become the real top-scorers. These are:

  • Palmeiras (9 titles, the most recent in 2016);
  • Santos (8 titles, the most recent in 2004);
  • Corinthians (7 titles, the most recent in 2017);
  • Sao Paulo (6 titles, the most recent in 2008);
  • Flamengo (5 titles, the most recent in 2009).

Feel free to bet on the top-scorers — they are usually more successful than the other participants.

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