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In the well-organized structure of Austrian soccer, Austria Bundesliga (not to be confused with German Bundesliga) is a top-flight league. The competition is different from the majority of European leagues because it involves only 10 teams and has a little unusual format. But such differences don’t make the tournament not worth fans’ and gamblers’ attention. Conversely, Austria Bundesliga is very popular, and its fixtures are stably attended.

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Austria League format

As mentioned above, 10 best Austrian clubs take part in Austria Bundesliga. However, from the 2018/19 season, 12 participants will compete in the league.

The football season usually consists of two parts — autumn and spring seasons. Each season’s matches are held almost all the year long — from July to the following June. During that time each participant meets each of its competitors for four times — twice as a home club and twice as a visiting club.

When match days are over, the team from the last position of Austria Bundesliga table is shifted to the Erste Liga. Its place is taken by the winner of the secondary league. As for the winning club, it gets an opportunity to join the Champions League. Those teams which got 2nd and 3rd positions in Austria Bundesliga table are qualified for the Europa League.


According to the stats, Viennese clubs showed the best Austria Bundesliga results in the competition’s history. Rapid Wien was crowned champion for 32 times, and Austria Wien is a 21-times winner. Red Bull Salzburg were successful too — they got the tournament’s trophy for 11 times. Moreover, they are current Austria champions!

Most experts’ Austria Bundesliga predictions mention top-scorers. While betting, keep an eye on them — record-breakers are more likely to play successful matches and even win again.

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