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Argentine football is amazing, even if it’s just the fourth tier. And the Argentina Primera C Metropolitana proves it like nothing else. Being only on the fourth level of the Argentine soccer pyramid, it still rejoices spectators with exciting matches. Moreover, bettors also find this competition interesting — the unpredictability of Argentina Primera C fixtures leaves no venturesome person indifferent!

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Argentina Primera C format

There are many soccer enthusiasts in Argentina, so the tournament involves 20 Primera C Metropolitana teams. These are the clubs from Buenos Aires and its suburbs. Like the majority of South American leagues, the tournament has two parts — Apertura and Clausura. All the participating clubs partake in both of them.

In Apertura, every team meets each of its opponents once. Although the winner of Apertura gets a title, it still isn’t promoted. The promotion-relegation issues are solved after Clausura — another round-robin tournament where Primera C Metropolitana teams change only the venues of the matches. Teams that played at home in Apertura play away in Clausura, and vice versa.

The top team from the aggregate Argentina Primera C table is promoted to Primera B Metropolitana. However, clubs on positions 2nd to 9th also have a chance to ascend. They enter the three-round playoff. In quarter-finals, teams play each other in pairs. Four winners advance to the double-legged semi-finals. After that, two semis’ winners play out the chance to be promoted in the double-legged final. But even winning the final is not enough to get a promotion. Having won the final, the team has to play an additional match with the second lowest team from the Primera B. If it wins, it gets the promotion.

As for the relegation, things are a bit more complicated. The lowest team from the aggregate Argentina Primera C table over the past 3 seasons moves down to Primera D. The second lowest club has to defend its position in the extra match with the Primera D playoff winner. In addition to that, the Primera B loser also comes to Primera C for the following season.

The best Primera C Metropolitana results

Primera C is not a competition where clubs want to stay for long. However, some Argentinean teams have shown the record-breaking Primera C Metropolitana results. These are:

The most recent winners are Defensores Unidos (2018), Sacachispas (2017), and Excursionistas (2016).

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