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AFC (or Asian) Champions League is among the most elite football tournaments on the Asian continent. Although the competition has a more than 50-year history, its current format was accepted only in 2002. However, the tournament’s recency does not prevent fans and gamblers from paying much attention to Asian Champions League fixtures. Bet on these matches with!

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League format

The competition annually involves 46 participants, which usually represent top 12 AFC countries from each of the West and East Regions. According to the current format, clubs from different regions can meet each other only in the final fixture.

After the preliminary and playoff rounds, only 32 AFC Champions League teams (16 per region) remain for the tournament’s group stage. In this round, there are 4 equal groups in each conference. However, there is an important restriction for the draw: clubs from the same country can’t belong to the same group. After the double round-robin tournament within groups, two highest placed teams from each group proceed to the round of 16.

Starting from the round of 16, all matches are double-legged. On this stage, group winners are paired with the runners-up of the other groups. The winner from each pair proceeds to the quarter-finals. This round is followed by a semi-final stage, which defines two participants of the AFC Champions League final.

Each year’s Asian Champions League winners are eligible to enter the FIFA World Cup. However, the winning team doesn’t get any byes for the following Champions League season.

Famous Asian Champions League winners

During the tournament’s more than 50-year history, some teams have managed to show the record-breaking AFC Champions League results. The absolute top-scorers are Pohang Steelers, who won 3 titles in total. In addition to that, 11 teams managed to win the trophy twice. By the way, 3 of these clubs represent South Korea, just like the competition’s top-scorer.

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