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Pro14 is one of the few rugby competitions in the world, which involve clubs not just from different continents, but even from different hemispheres! Founded in 1999 as a tournament for rugby teams from Wales and Scotland only, Pro14 became so popular that clubs from Ireland, South Africa, and Italy soon joined the competition, too. Now Pro14 fixtures are ones of the most grandiose annual rugby events in the world. So, it’s no wonder that they draw a lot of attention from fans and gamblers.

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Competition format 

Currently, the tournament involves 14 rugby clubs from the countries, listed above. Before the season starts, Pro14 teams are seeded according to their last year’s performance. As a result, there are two conferences formed. Each of them includes two Welsh teams, the same number of Scottish clubs, and three teams from other participating countries (one per nation).

Teams play 12 matches within their conferences, meeting each competitor once at home and once away. After that, each participant meets all teams from the opposite conference once. That is followed by derby fixtures. Scottish and Welsh teams meet both same nation’s clubs from the opposite conference. The others meet their derby clubs twice. As a result, each team plays 21 Pro14 fixtures before the playoff.

Six best participants (three top placed clubs from each conference) get to the playoff. Each conference’s top-scorer gets a bye directly to the semi-finals. The 2nd placed teams meet the 3rd placed ones from the opposite conferences. Winners of these matches partake in the semi-finals, which define the participants of the final fixture.

Three highest scored clubs from each conference (except South African teams) get a chance to partake in the European Champions Cup. Two clubs, placed 4th in their conferences, fight for one more place in the European Cup.

Pro14 top-scorers

Since 2001, Irish teams have been showing the best Pro14 results. In total 9 competition trophies belong to the clubs from Ireland. Leinster are fourfold champions, and Munster has 3 titles. Ulster and Connacht managed to win the tournament once.

6 Pro14 titles belong to Welsh participants. Ospreys won the main trophy for 4 times. 2 tournament’s titles belong to Scarlets.

There are no non-Irish and non-Welsh Pro14 teams which have ever won the tournament. The only exception are Scottish Glasgow Warriors, who got the trophy in 2015.

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