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Do you know that feeling of joy when your favorite team scores a long-awaited try? Are you a regular Six Nations and Super Rugby spectator? Have you thoroughly studied all possible rules of rugby games? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, rugby betting is definitely for you.

Bet on international rugby fixtures with! We provide fast and automatic rewards, the best odds, and responsible user-friendly interface. In short, on you will find everything needed for betting on rugby fixtures, so choose the tournament and start playing!

How to bet on rugby with YesPlay

On you can easily place bets on any kind of sport, and rugby is not an exception. The process is simple: 

  • Choose the tournament, which you’re interested in, from the menu;
  • Check out the rugby schedule and choose the match;
  • Choose your favorite team (or, maybe, draw result?), and the type of bet;
  • Enter the total stake value and wait for a match day.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake — YeslPlay allows you to cancel your bets at any time. 

On YesPlay you can bet on major international rugby fixtures, such as:

Surely, no one can tell you, which rugby club will win today, and which is going to lose. But it is within our power to make your betting more profitable and precise. On every tournament’s page you will find the best odds for upcoming rugby fixtures, and place your bets in accordance with them. Remember, that odds may change, when it comes closer to the match.

In addition, we give our users extra bonuses to increase their profit. By the way, the fast rewarding system is also among YesPlay’s pros. In case of winning, you will get your money almost right away without any additional requests.

Why YesPlay

You can be sure that is a suitable platform to bet on rugby games. Firstly, thanks to our responsible and convenient interface, you can place bets and check results from any location, using any device. Secondly, our service was approved by official South African regulating authorities, so you can enjoy a completely fair and transparent betting. Thirdly, YesPlay was developed by the experienced team of professionals, who are trying to make your betting process as simple as possible. But still, if you face any issues or have questions, feel free to contact us, and we will gladly help you!

Don’t wait for long — choose a prospective match from the rugby schedule and place your first bet. Feel the joy of winning with!

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