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The MMA (mixed martial arts) is a comparatively ‘young’ combat kind of sports. It became regulated and widely recognized only in the late XX century. However, MMA managed to become popular even in such a short term. So, if you want to discover something new in the combat sports, bet on the MMA fights online with YesPlay.bet!

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Mixed martial arts’ history and rules

The prototype of what we now call MMA was the Brazilian vale tudo — a combat kind of sports, which combined various methods and techniques. In the 1970s, the similar sport became popular in Japan. A decade later, the vale tudo was introduced in America. However, this kind of sports was prohibited there as it was very cruel and dangerous, with almost no rules to prevent injuries and deaths.

MMA finally became recognized in 1993 with a creation of the UFC — one of the biggest MMA promotions for today. The rules became much more strict and organized then. Now, fighters compete in their respective weight classes, so MMA fight results don’t depend on players’ weight. A usual MMA fight consists either of the three rounds of 5 minutes or five rounds of the same duration. Moreover, now the sportsmen use the protective gloves and are prohibited from many dangerous kicks and strikes.

When all the rounds end, three referees decide the MMA fight results. However, in some situations, the match may stop earlier. For example, a referee or a doctor can stop the fight if one of the players is seriously injured. If that is a result of his opponent’s legal actions, the opponent becomes a winner. Conversely, if any fighter significantly violates the rules, he is disqualified (even if his actions don’t cause injuries). As in the majority of the combat sports, a player or his/her corner may surrender by tapping the floor or throwing in a towel.

While fighting, MMA players usually combine the techniques of grappling and striking.

Major MMA competitions

As for now, there are many mixed martial arts promotions, and each of them holds various MMA competitions. The most popular organizations are based in the USA (UFC and Bellator), Russia (ACB and FNG), and Singapore (ONE Championship). Some promotions’ MMA fight schedule consists of just one show per season, while the other promotions hold the performances monthly.

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