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It would be no exaggeration to call German football legendary. Take for instance German national team, who are current world champions and won the title for 4 times. However, German football is glorified by not national team only but Bundesliga teams as well. Bundesliga is a German top-flight league with high attendance rates and the long history.

Since its inception in 1963, Bundesliga has become popular not only in Germany but also far beyond it. According to stats, Bundesliga fixtures are the most attended soccer leagues’ matches worldwide. As for the league itself, it has the second position in UEFA rating. So it’s no wonder that the tournament is well known in both fans’ and gamblers’ communities.

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Bundesliga top scorers and format

Bundesliga is conducted according to the system of promotion and relegation with the secondary German league — 2. Bundesliga. As for the format, it is a standard double round-robin competition. In other words, Bundesliga’s format is not unlike any other European top-flight league’s.

During the season 18 professional clubs play 34 matches. After that, two lowest scored teams of Bundesliga table move to the 2. Bundesliga and two winners of the secondary league are promoted. Teams in 1st to 3rd places qualify for the group stage of the Champions League. The fourth team in the rating becomes a partaker of this competition too but from play-off stage. Those two teams which are fifth and sixth get a chance to compete in Europa League.

Among Bundesliga top scorers are:

While betting, keep an eye on above-mentioned Bundesliga teams. Bayern Munich deserves particular attention — this club has won last 5 seasons in a row!

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