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This Olympic kind of sports originated in continental Europe in the early XX century. Now, it’s popular worldwide. Yes, we are talking about handball — an exciting sports game, played by approximately 19 million people from all over the world. And even if you’re not planning to join them, the exciting handball fixtures are definitely worth your attention. By the way, you can not only watch them. Betting on handball online is also an interesting and rewarding hobby!

So, you want to try yourself at handball betting. What do you need for that? A prospective match, precise odds, and a reliable betting system. Congratulations — you’ve already found all of that here on YesPlay! Just learn the basic handball rules and start playing to win your first rewards.

Handball rules and regulations

It would be fair to say that handball has the features of several kinds of sports. The typical handball field resembles the soccer pitch, the nets are almost the same as in hockey, and the rules slightly remind us of basketball. In every match, 2 teams of 14 handball players participate. However, only 7 players at a time can represent their team on the field. Six of them are the field players, and one is a goalkeeper.

To win the handball match, a team must score more goals than their opponents. When scoring a goal, a player shouldn’t step on the disallowed area (goal crease). If he/she steps on this zone while scoring, the goal isn’t taken into account. Moreover, if the defender crosses the crease line while preventing the opponent from scoring, he presents a 7-meter free kick to the opposite team.

Players are allowed to pass the ball or to dribble it. It is prohibited to carry the ball longer than for 3 seconds or to make more than 3 steps with it. The handball players also can’t tackle their opponents or jump into them. Among the allowed ways of defense are the close frontal contacts, forming the walls, or hand-blocking the ball during the attack.

 A typical handball match lasts for 60 minutes (2 half-hour periods). In contentious situations, two additional periods of 5 minutes each are played. If still a tie, a penalty shootout decides the winning team.

Predicting handball results with YesPlay.bet

Now you know the basic rules, which are enough to start predicting handball results. Do it nowhere but here, on YesPlay. We have several features, which make us different from other bookmakers:

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Bet on handball online with YesPlay. You will enjoy it, we promise!

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