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Cricket is the 3rd most popular kind of sports in the world, behind only soccer and basketball. The first cricket games were played far in the XVI century by both English royals and ordinary people. However, the game hasn’t lost its popularity over the time. Conversely, now millions of people from all over the world play cricket, and the amount of passionate cricket fans is much bigger. By the way, betting on cricket is very popular, too. Start placing winning bets on cricket today with! is among those cricket betting websites which really care about their users’ profit and smooth gambling experience. Try to place some bets on cricket with YesPlay, and see everything for yourself!

How to bet on cricket with YesPlay

Cricket is a team kind of sport, played on the special field with a rectangular pitch in the middle of it. Two batters are standing on the pitch, trying to beat off the ball, thrown by the opposite team’s bowler. Opposite team’s fielders are trying to return the ball to the pitch as fast as possible. Until it’s done, batters are running from the one edge of the pitch to another to earn some runs. These are the basics of cricket rules. If you know them, you are already able to predict cricket results! gives you wide opportunities for online cricket betting. Here you can bet on the most famous cricket tournaments, such as:

Choose the tournament from the left menu, and watch the full list of upcoming cricket games. Then choose the fixture, and analyze the latest cricket betting odds to place the right bet. Finally, decide on your preferred team, and enter the total stake value. That’s all!

As you see, cricket betting on is a very simple process. By the way, we support different kinds of bets. Examine all of them and choose those which are more suitable for you!

Why choose YesPlay from other cricket betting websites

If you want to bet on cricket today, do it with YesPlay! Why should you choose our online gambling platform? 

  • We’re always trying to deliver the latest cricket betting odds to you, so you could place more precise bets.
  • Our convenient user interface will seem simple even to newbies.
  • You can access YesPlay from anywhere, using any kind of device.
  • Our support team is ready to answer your questions 24/7.
  • YesPlay was approved by Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, so you can leave all concerns about fairness behind.
  • In case of winning, rewards will come to your account as fast as possible.

Try to predict cricket results today, and place some bets with to estimate all the advantages by yourself!

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