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Although boxing had its origins far before our era, it is still popular all over the world. Some people may consider this kind of sports rude and brutal, but actually, these peculiarities make boxing so widespread and breath-taking. If you’re already a boxing fan, you can try to predict boxing results and earn money for your hobby. And if you’re not into boxing yet, it’s time to learn more about it, and place some bets on boxing fixtures today! opens you wide opportunities for betting on different kinds of sports, and boxing is not an exception. Use our latest boxing odds, and start placing your winning bets right now!

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Before you choose the match from the boxing schedule and place your first bet, you have to learn more about the basic boxing rules. Two male or female boxers take part in a standard boxing fixture, which usually consists of 12 rounds. Each round lasts up to 3 minutes. A referee watches the whole match to prevent the violation of rules and to control all that is happening in the ring.

If one of the boxers is in the knockout (can’t get up for more than 10 seconds after falling), his opponent becomes a winner. The same thing happens when one of the fighters is seriously injured or violates the rules significantly. However, if after all 12 rounds nobody wins automatically, the champion is chosen by referees.

As now you know more about the rules, you can try to predict boxing results. Start with YesPlay! In the left menu, you will find a list of the most popular boxing tournaments. Click on one of them to open a boxing schedule. After that, choose your preferred boxer (or a draw result), and place your bet! By the way, on YesPlay you can place different kinds of bets (for example, try to determine the number of rounds in the match). Moreover, here you can bet on both male and female boxers. 

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As you see, boxing betting can be quite profitable and easy. But why should you choose YesPlay for that? The answer is simple. YesPlay is not just another online betting platform — it is your reliable gambling assistant, which really takes care of your profit.

Our team carefully designed YesPlay interface so even newbies can place their boxing bets without much difficulty. We also thought about the financial side, and now you can enjoy really fast rewards and pleasant bonuses. Moreover, we got an approval from the official South African regulating authorities to provide you with a fair and transparent betting experience. In short, we’ve done everything for you to enjoy your boxing betting as much as possible.

Analyze the boxing odds, and start betting on boxing with YesPlay right now. Your winning and profit are just around the corner!

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