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NBA format

30 teams annually take part in the competition, 29 of them being based in USA and 1 being Canadian. Each participant belongs to one of two conferences, consisting of 3 divisions each. There are 5 clubs competing in each division.

A usual NBA schedule consists of three parts — a regular season, playoffs and the finals. A regular season usually starts on the last week of October. On this stage, clubs meet:

  • teams from their division — 4 times each;
  • clubs from opposite divisions — 4 or 3 times each;
  • opposite conference members — twice each.

That results in 82 matches for each club, half of them played at home and half away.

Eight teams from each conference with the highest numbers of wins qualify for NBA playoffs. Within each conference, playoff participants are seeded according to their records, regardless of their division. If any clubs have equal records, they are seeded according to their head-to-head results or division championship criteria.

NBA playoffs are held in accordance with a best-of-seven system. On the first playoff stage, the 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th teams from each conference form the one group, while the other playoff participants come to another. The highest seeded team from each group meets the lowest seeded club, and the remaining group members are paired, too. The next round sees two winners from each group playing the same series of matches. After that, group winners meet within their conferences. Finally, the best team of each conference takes part in NBA finals, which have a best-of-seven format, too.

As for now, the best NBA results are assigned to the following teams:

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