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Competition format

MLB consists of two leagues — the National League, and the American League. Each league has 3 divisions (East, North, and Central). 5 MLB teams belong to each of the divisions. That results in 30 participants overall.

A usual MLB baseball schedule consists of the following stages:

A spring training is a series of exhibition matches, which allow players to prepare for the competition. During the training period, MLB teams are split into the Grapefruit League and the Orange League.

When the training is behind, a regular season begins. In the regular season, each team plays 162 matches in total:

  • 19 games against each team from the same division;
  • 66 games against 10 clubs from the opposite divisions of the same league;
  • 16 games against 5 clubs from a certain division of the opposite league (with divisions rotating each year);
  • 4 games against team’s ‘natural rival’ (usually the club from the same metro area).

After that, 5 teams from each league proceed to the MLB baseball playoffs. These are division winners (they get seeds #1,2,3 according to their performance), and two of the remaining clubs with the highest winning percentage (seeds #4,5).

The MLB baseball playoffs have the following format:

League Seed Playoff stage
Wild Card game Division Series League Championship World Series
American 2 Winner –> Winner –> The winner is an MLB champion
1 Winner –>
4 –> Winner –>
5 –>
National 2 Winner –> Winner –>
1 Winner –>
4 –> Winner –>
5 –>

The Wild Card game is a single-legged tie. The Division Series has a best-of-five format, while the League Championship and the World Series have a best-of-seven format.

MLB top-scorers

The best Major League baseball results belong to the following clubs:

As for now, American League teams have much more trophies in total than National League clubs.

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