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It is difficult to overestimate the popularity of baseball. Consider at least that fact that MLB baseball tournaments are sometimes more popular than NBA! However, baseball is not only about American competitions — many countries all over the world have their own professional baseball leagues. Choose one of them, and discover the world of profitable baseball betting with!

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How to bet on baseball and win with YesPlay

The rules of baseball may vary from league to league, but the basics are always the same. There are usually two baseball teams of nine players. In every period of a match, one team is playing in an offense, and one in a defense. A defensive team’s pitcher throws a ball towards the opponents’ batter. The batter’s task is to beat the ball off to the field and to run across all the bases before defenders return the ball to one of them. By doing that successfully, he scores a run for his team. The higher number of runs defines a winner.

If the batter isn’t able to beat off the ball for 3 times in a row, or can’t reach the base before defenders bring the ball there, he is called ‘out’ and has to leave the field. Three outs mean that teams switch their roles.

A standard baseball match consists of 9 periods (innings). During the inning, each team has to play in both offense and defense. However, in case of a draw result, additional innings are played.

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